PACLINE Medium-Duty Modular Overhead Conveyors & Monorail System

PACLINE Modular Monorail System and Overhead Trolley System

PACLINE Medium-Duty Modular Monorail System and Overhead Trolley System, are ideal for overhead storage, assembly lines, parts handling, and empty carton handling systems.

We Recommend PACLINE’s Modular Enclosed Track Conveyor

PACLINE has been manufacturing and delivering innovative material handling solutions since 1979. They acquired and have maintained an ISO 9001 certification since 2000. PACLINE consistently delivers high quality products, ensuring you’ll receive the best Modular Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor and Overhead Trolley System available. PACLINE’s attention to quality, commitment to innovation, cost effectiveness, and customer service, has helped make PACLINE one of the most trusted conveyor manufacturers in the world.

PACLINE Modular Monorail System & Overhead Conveyors

Enclosed Track Monorail System

The PACLINE Enclosed Overhead Trolley and Monorail System is a medium duty, highly compact, overhead, chain conveyor. Its unique features allow maximum flexibility in cramped spaces: These features include:

  • Enclosed Track Modular Monorail System & Overhead ConveyorsLow profile tracks
  • Low profile motor drives
  • Rolled and hardened, small radius curves
  • Radius vertical curves available up to 90°
  • Small radius sprocket turns

PACLINE Overhead Track System’s are engineered and designed to handle up to 50 lbs. from a single pendant. By using and additional pendant and a load bar increases the maximum load up to 100 lbs. Using only one drive, a load up to 30,000 lbs. can be distributed on a 600 ft. conveyor system.

Additional PACLINE Enclosed Track Conveyor Features:

  • PACLINE’s Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor and Modular Components can be quickly and trouble-free, installed onsite. Even with modifications PACLINE’s modular tracks can be installed with minimal downtime and reduced labor costs.
  • PACLINE’s track is bolted together for easy installation without the need for welding.
  • For maximum protection and resistance in corrosive environments, all parts are plated with zinc and heat treated.
  • Both horizontal and vertical tracks have low profile drives and tight radius curves to fit even in the tightest environments.
  • To reduce maintenance and cleaning expense, all tracks are enclosed. Preventing dirt, grit, paint, and other contamination from reaching the bearing or chain surfaces.
  • Attaching points are located on 6” centers along the chain to maximize adaptability of hanging products.

With over 2 million feet in use today, PACLINE’s Enclosed Track Monorail System and Overhead Trolley System, are proven performers.

Typical applications for Enclosed Track Overhead Trolley System include:

  • Assembly lines
  • Paint lines
  • Work in progress
  • Empty box and carton delivery
  • Garment handling
  • Storage of products
  • Plastic tote delivery

PACLINE Modular Overhead ConveyorsOverhead Monorail System
& Overhead Trolley System

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Featured Videos by Karl Scholz

Overhead Conveyor System Basics

The above video is an overview of the highly compact PAC-LINE™ enclosed track overhead chain conveyor.


Methods for Hanging Overhead

This video demonstrates the common methods for ceiling hanging PAC-LINE™ Overhead Conveyors from steel joists or structural I-Beams.

ISO 9001

Message from President, Karl Scholz

Message from PACLINE President, Karl ScholzWe have built our reputation around not only producing high-quality conveyor products but in hiring skilled engineers and installers and delivering outstanding workmanship and service to our customers. This ensures the highest-quality standards from start to finish.”  — Karl Scholz, President

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