Titan Conveyors Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

American Conveyor Group, Inc., (ACG Conveyors) has partnered with Titan Industries and proudly offer Titan’s Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors.

Titan Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors offer an exclusive radial sidewing design to eliminate pinch points that cause belt wear and often damage parts. Common conveyor uses include metal scrap and metal parts. Titan’s Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors product line includes designs specific to handling metal shavings up to metal castings weighing hundreds of pounds each. Titan’s Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors excel at providing superior replacement conveyors when the OEM’s conveyors fail.

Titan Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors line of conveyor products include:

Titan Model 610 Chip Handling Conveyor

Titan Chip & Scrap Handling Conveyor

Titan Chip Conveyors fit the needs of today’s machine tool environment. These units are designed for rugged chip handling applications. Standard features include flared infeed siderails, liquid tight bottom pan, 2″ high vertical siderails, and low profile side mount drive. Belt widths available from 6″ to 24″.

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors “Many More Models

Titan Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

Steel Belt Conveyors are the most versatile of conveyors. Ideal for any type of metal scrap, from tiny chips, turnings, bushy material, wet or dry in large or small volumes. 4″ and 6″ pitch hinged steel belt conveyors are ideal for larger scrap, foundry, and any applications with heavy loads.

Titan Model 660 Solid Waste Recycling Conveyor

Titan Scrap Conveyor - Recycling Conveyor
Large Solid Waste/Recycling Conveyors dictate using a rugged steel belt. Titan Solid Waste/Recycling Conveyors will satisfy most heavy-duty scrap handling requirements. Titan Conveyors will withstand years of heavy industrial use. Four different configurations are available.

Available Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor Models:

  • Model 610 – 2 1/2″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Speed 10 F.P.M. Frame, Formed 12 Gauge
  • Model 620 – 2 1/2″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Speed 30 F.P.M. Frame, Formed 10 Gauge
  • Model 630 – 2 1/2″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Speed 30 F.P.M. Frame, Formed 10 Gauge
  • Model 640 – 4″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Speed 30 F.P.M. Frame, Formed 10 Gauge
  • Model 660 – 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, Speed 30 F.P.M. Frame, Formed 7 Gauge
  • Model 350 – Pro Feed Steel Belt Parts Feeder, Speed 10 F.P.M. Frame, Square Tubing
  • Quench Conveyor  – 2 1/2″, 4″ or 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt – Per Application – Formed 10 Gauge

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