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Daifuku Webb Conveyors, Unibilt® product line (aka) Jervis B. Webb Company.

Daifuku Webb is one of the largest material handling manufacturers in the world. Their products operate efficiently and reliably, delivering years of unequaled performance. Designed and built upon principles of increasing productivity, Unibilt Enclosed Track Conveyors incorporate reliability, economy, flexibility and simple installation.

Among their extensive line of products there are also:

1. Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors,
2. Power & Free Inverted Conveyors
3. Hand-Pushed Conveyor Trolley
4. Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors and the
5. Unibeam® I-Beam Conveyors

Unibilt® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors:

Unibilt Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors

Unibilt® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors have features unique to this type of system:

1. An enclosed track helps prevent contamination from reaching the chain or track bearing surfaces.
2. The enclosed track design helps provide protection from the elements
3. Shorter radius curves and closer spacing of curve tangents are possible
4. Easier installation… no bulky roller turns or traction wheels to erect.

To see this long list of features and advantages you get over, other ‘typical” Overhead Track Conveyor, click here.

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