Hytrol Drag Chain ConveyorHytrol Drag Chain Conveyors

Two Strand Hytrol Drag Chain Conveyor (Model DC-60)

Two Strand Hytrol Drag Chain Conveyor (Model DC-60)Model Hytrol DC-60, is especially designed to handle pallets. The conveyor is made up of a drive, intermediate and tail sections on which two strands of #60 single pitch chain travel. Each strand is a continuous loop and driven by a common drive shaft. Two (2) strand drag chain conveyors are used to convey large, heavy duty items.

General Specifications:

  • Bed – 6″ x 7 ga. powder painted formed steel angle with 1-1/2″ x 3/16″ wall steel chain support tube
  • Frame Widths: 19-7/8″, 22-7/8″, 25-7/8″, 28-7/8″, 31-7/8″, 34-7/8″, 37-7/8″, 40-7/8″, 43-7/8″, 46-7/8″, & 49-7/8″
  • C-2060-H Double Pitch Conveyor Chain
  • Motor – 1-1/2 HP Gearmotor
  • Capacity – 6000 lbs. maximum load at 30 FPM
  • Modular Assembly
  • Floor Supports Available

PDF DownloadModel DC-60 Hytrol Two Strand Drag Chain Conveyor

Heavy Duty Two Strand Hytrol Drag Chain Conveyor (Model DC-82)

Heavy Duty Model DC-82, is especially designed to handle pallets.Hytrol Two Strand Drag Chain Conveyors (Model DC-82)

General Specifications:
PDF DownloadModel DC-82 – Heavy Duty Hytrol Two Strand Drag Chain Conveyor

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