Vertical Conveyor Lift & Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
VRC by PFlow Industries Inc.


PFLOWACG Conveyors has partnered with PFlow Industries Inc. because, PFlow provides total engineering, fabrication and coast-to-coast installation service. PFlow is at the forefront in design and manufacture of safe and reliable, material handling lift equipment.

They has installed over 16,000 Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors world wide and they are the market leader and innovator in the Vertical Lift Industry. We are proud to be partnered with PFlow Industries and to offer their products to our valued customers.

Vertical Reciprocating Lifts

Vertical Reciprocating Lifts and Material Lift Elevators move products, supplies, material and equipment from one level to another. VRC’s are not elevators. VRC’s are exempt from national elevator codes and regulations.

We have three types of Reciprocating Conveyor Lift Elevators including PFlow Brochures and Manuals:

  1. Fully Automated VRC Systems.
  2. Hydraulic VRC.
  3. Mechanical VRC.
  4. PFlow Brochures and Manuals.
  5. NEW in 2018! PFLOWs Most Current Brochure

1. Automated Vertical Conveyor Systems

Fully Automated Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Systems

Fully Automated Vertical Conveyor Systems are custom designed to your exact needs; from simple to complex to sophisticated multi-level material handling, and multi-directional material and equipment handling systems.
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For VRC Application Guidelines.
See Brochures and Manuals section below.

2. Hydraulic Vertical Conveyors

Hydraulic Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors


We have three series of Hydraulic VRCs:
Hydraulically lift equipment loads up to 6,000 lbs. Equipment Life expectancy of over 20 years.

  1. Hydraulic Series 21,
  2. Hydraulic Series D Lift, and
  3. Hydraulic Lift Series DM  …more »

3. Mechanical Vertical Conveyors

Mechanical Vertical Conveyors

Versatile and dependable Mechanical Vertical Lifts for high-speed, multi-level applications for large or heavy loads.

  1. Series DB, VRC
  2. Series F, VRC
  3. Series M, VRC
  4. Series B, VRC …more »

4. Brochures and Manuals (Quick Reference Material)

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