Hytrol Sortation Conveyors

Sortation Conveyor Systems

Hytrol Sortation Conveyor Systems were designed to meet the growing demand for smaller orders while increasing shipping accuracy. Sortation Conveyors improve efficiency for more frequent shipments and are ideal for separating products from conveyor lines to palletizing operations, packing stations, and shipping lanes. Sortation Conveyor Systems are versatile and is capable of sorting a very wide range of product sizes and weights.

Featured below are Sortation Conveyors offered by ACG Conveyors.
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Hytrol Sortation Conveyors are available in Sliding Shoe Sorters, Integrated Belt Sorters, and Right Angle Sorter configurations.

Sortation Conveyors have the following advantages:

  • Are a modular and space saving structure
  • Input of packages in sortation direction or from either side
  • Packages may be introduced manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically
  • Combo-fixture for holding sacks, totes or containers allows a change in seconds
  • Are a modular and space saving structure
  • Handle various package types and are suitable for very small parts
  • Maximum sorting capacity without impact while allowing packages to maintain their orientation
  • Treat sensitive goods gentle
  • Vertical and horizontal sortation conveyor configurations
  • High-quality materials and component of our Sortation Conveyors creates an almost silent drive
  • Are highly reliable with minimum maintenance
  • Are highly economical for rational picking and effective distribution while reducing manual labor


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