Daifuku Webb Conveyors
(aka Jervis B Webb)Daifuku-Webb-Conveyors

American Conveyor Group Inc., (i.e., ACG Conveyors) has partnered with Daifuku Webb. (aka) Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku Co, Ltd, forms one of the largest material handling companies in the world. In 1919, Jervis B. Webb adapted the forged rivetless chain conveyor for Henry Ford’s first assembly lines and revolutionized mass production.

Today Daifuku Webb has the reputation of supplying one of the most durable and reliable conveyors in the material handling industry. Daifuku Webb provides a wide variety of industial conveyors including the renowned chain conveyors, the Unibilt® Enclosed Track Inverted and Overhead Conveyors and the Unibeam® I-Beam Conveyors.

From engineering and service to manufacturing and installation, Daifuku Webb and American Conveyor Group’s dedicated teams will work with you to create solutions that will meet or exceed your needs. With nearly a century of experience and a diversified line of products, no company has as much knowledge or as many options for automating your facility as American Conveyor Group and Daifuku Webb.


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