Hytrol ConveyorsHytrol Portable Conveyors

Your Source for Portable Horizontal, Incline and Decline Conveyors. Our portable conveyors are good for portable or permanent use. Use for parts conveying, assembly lines, stacking, unloading. Anywhere you need smooth transport of your parts or products. Contact us today for more information about all your conveyor needs.

Hytrol Model A

Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor (Narrow Belt)

The portable conveyor, Hytrol Model A, “Aluminum Portable Conveyor“, with its Rough top belt, easily moves boxes, cases, and cartons up inclines.

Hytrol Model B

Hytrol B Portable Conveyor (Folding Cleated Conveyor)

The Hytrol Model B, “Folding Cleated Portable Conveyor” is ideal for loading, and unloading, or stacking. The cleats allow use at steep inclines up to 45°.

Hytrol Model BL

Hytrol Model BL Portable Conveyor

The Hytrol Model BL, “Portable Belt Conveyor” is longer and can move material from one floor to another. Its long bed can extend into a truck for loading or unloading.

Hytrol Model BA

Hytrol Model BA Portable Belt Conveyor

Hytrol’s Model BA, “Portable Belt Conveyor” is ideal for loading, unloading, and stacking. Adjusts angle without effort with one lever control. Angle automatically locks.

Hytrol Model R

Hytrol R Aluminum Portable Conveyors (Folding Belt Conveyor)

The Hytrol Model R, “Aluminum Folding Portable Narrow Belt Conveyor“, is extremely convenient as it can be folded in half, and is extremely versatile. It is suitable for bag and carton stacking, bag handling, and moving cases, cartons, and boxes.

Hytrol Portable Small Parts Conveyors

Hytrol Model PCA

Hytrol Light-Duty PCA Portable Conveyors (Parts Conveyor)

Hytrol’s Model PCA, “Light Duty Portable Parts Conveyor” easily positions under punch presses, extruding equipment, injection molding machines, or other machinery where small plastic parts, steel or aluminum stampings, etc. is quickly conveyed to drums or hoppers.

Hytrol Model PCX

Hytrol Low Profile PCX Portable Conveyor

Hytrol’s “Low Profile PCX Portable Conveyor” (Parts Conveyor) is easily positioned under punch presses, extruding equipment, injection molding machines, etc., The PCX Portable Conveyor shipped pre-assembled, as much as possible, to limit installation time.

Hytrol Model PCH

Hytrol Piano Hinge PCH Portable Conveyor

The Hytrol “Piano Hinge PCH Portable Conveyor” (Parts Conveyor) with its “hinged steel belt” is great for carrying oily, hot parts from forging machines, punch presses, etc., to hoppers, drums, or other operations. Configurations range from Z type units to straight units.

Hytrol Model PC

Hytrol PC - Portable Small Parts Conveyor

The Hytrol Model “PC Portable Conveyor” is used as a permanent or portable parts conveyor. Built in side guards and cleated belt easily catch small parts. At bottom of incline, flapper gate/guard prevents materials from falling through the conveyor. Depending on the length of the conveyor, the conveyor is pre-assembled.

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