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Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor (Narrow Belt Conveyor)

Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor (Narrow Belt)The portable conveyor model, Hytrol “A” Aluminum Portable Conveyor, with its Rough top belt, easily moves boxes, cases, and cartons up inclines. Its narrow width allows it to be used in a stairway for floor-to-floor conveying. It can be propped on a shelf for stacking or order picking. The Hytrol “A” Aluminum Portable Conveyor can be stored on its end in a minimum amount of space.

Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor’s Specifications:

  • Bed – 12 in. wide x .080 aluminum, 6061-T6 heat treated, reinforced.
  • Belt – 10 in. wide Black Trackmate 120 Roughtop with PVC cover. Clipper lacing.
  • Belt Speed – Constant 83 FPM.
  • Overall Conveyor Lengths: 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, & 16′
  • Motor – 1/2 HP maximum
  • Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor Capacity – 200 lbs. total distributed load, 120 lbs. unit load at 65FPM
  • Reversible
  • Switch – Reversing drum with power cord and plug

Download Hytrol A Portable Conveyor (Narrow Belt Conveyor)  Hytrol A Aluminum Portable Conveyor (Narrow Belt Conveyor)

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