Titan 660 Scrap Conveyor and Recycling ConveyorTitan Model 660 Scrap Conveyor & Recycling Conveyor

A Scrap Conveyor or Recycling Conveyor (and Large Scrap Handling Conveyors) dictates using a rugged steel belt. The Titan Model 660, 6″ pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor is the work horse of recycling conveyors.

By using the unique Titan 6″ pitch belting, Titan 660 Scrap and Recycling Conveyor satisfies almost all heavy-duty scrap handling requirements. Our uniquely designed sidewing reduces the gap between sidewing and apron (eliminating carryover) and the rugged (1/4″ thick) design compensates for most severe applications. Combine the unique sidewing with a standard 1/4″ thick apron, 3″ diameter, bushed, single flanged roller, double outside sidebars and a 3/4″ through axle and you have a scrap conveyor that will withstand years of heavy industrial use.

A Titan 660 Scrap – Recycling Conveyor comes in four different configurations with standard curves of 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees available.

Titan Model 660 – 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Recycling Conveyor Specifications:

  • Titan Model 660 Scrap Conveyor - Recycling ConveyorBearings: Grease Sealed
  • Drive: 3/4 H.P. 230/460/3/60
  • Frame: Formed 7 Gauge
  • Paint: One Coat Industrial Enamel
  • Speed: 30 F.P.M.
  • Sprockets: 6 Tooth, 12″ P.D.
  • Supports: Structural Channel

Download Titan Model 660 Recycling Conveyors, PDF Titan Model 660 Scrap Conveyor – Recycling Conveyor
Download Titan 660 Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor, PDF Titan Model 660 Conveyor CAD Drawing


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