Daifuku-Webb-ConveyorsUnibilt® Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolley

Daifuku Webb’s Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolleys are the most durable and reliable in the business Daifuku Webb’s Unibilt Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolleys have a load capacity of 250 pounds per trolley and a load capacity of four trolleys connected in tandem with load bars is 100 pounds. The unique side guide rollers originated and patented by the Jervis B. Webb Company are the secret that keeps Unibilt Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolleys rolling smoothly.

Among Daifuku Webb’s extensive line of products there are also:

1. Unibilt® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors,
2. Power & Free Inverted Conveyors
3. Unibilt Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolley
4. Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors and the
5. Unibeam® I-Beam Conveyors

1. Rolling action prevents undue wear on the flange and offers greater ease in pushing loads and helps eliminate sloppy side sway.

2. High-strength cast body provides a high degree of safety.

3. Ball bearing wheels, with hardened races and tread, minimize the pushing effort while prolonging trolley life. Hardened side guide rollers, with stainless steel guide roller pins, help eliminate roller binding due to corrosion.

4. The three-hole load connection rigidly mounts carriers to the trolleys, to prevent excessive pendulum motion.

Daifuku-Webb Unibilt® Hand-Pushed Conveyor

Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolley Benefits:

  • Smooth operation
  • Reduced spillage
  • Eliminate corrosion
  • Load capacity of 250 lbs. per trolley
  • Eliminate binding or freezing of rollers
  • High-strength cast body provides a high degree of safety
  • Prevents excessive pendulum motion with three-hole load connection mounts
Hand Pushed Conveyor Specifications:

  • Load capacity of 250 lbs per trolley
  • 2-1/4″ ball bearing wheels
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Our Most Economical Four-Wheel Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolleys

Daifuku Webb’s hand-pushed trolleys  Daifuku Webb’s hand-pushed trolleys  Daifuku Webb’s hand-pushed trolleys

Daifuku Webb’s Hand-Pushed Conveyor Trolleys are engineered to accommodate a 500 to 4,000 pound capacity.  In order to deliver unparalleled performance, we rely upon Red Seal Trolley Wheels and our patented side rollers. Red Seal Trolley Wheels Retainer-type Red Seal trolley wheels have been developed specifically for rugged conveyor applications

  • Wheel contains a Conrad-type single row precision bearing in steel or composite retainer ring
  • Lowest friction and highest load rating possible for a ball bearing of this size and style
  • Promotes longer life and lower maintenance under all conditions

Patented Side Roller Standard on all hand pushed trolleys

  • Keeps the trolley running smoothly
  • Doesn’t allow the brackets to rub against the flange of the I-beam around the curve
  • Rolling action prevents unnecessary wear on the conveyor track and trolleys
  • Eliminates sloppy side sway
  • Offers greater ease in pushing and moving loads throughout the conveyor system

Hand Pushed Trolley Benefits:

  • Rugged
  • Patented side roller
  • Ease in pushing and moving loads
  • Accommodate 500-4,000 lb. capacity
  • Lowest friction and highest load rating possible
  • Longer life and lower maintenance under all conditions
  • Prevents unnecessary wear on conveyor track and trolleys

Hand Pushed Conveyor Trolley Specifications:

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