Flex Gravity Conveyors

Atlantis Flex Gravity Conveyors (Wheel type) can instantly be set up creating a flexible conveyor line for packaging and assembly operations or shipping and receiving lines. They are also very suitable for moving multiple sized cases, boxes, totes, or cartons. Atlantis Flex Gravity Conveyors are very versatile by expanding, contracting, and flexing side-to-side, they can easily be adjusted for any operation. They can quickly be used as a stand alone system or with other any other material handling system.

Expandable Gravity Flexible Conveyors

  1. The Gravity Flex Conveyors are ideally suited for flexible assembly lines, truck loading and unloading, shipping, packaging.
  2. The Gravity Flex Conveyors can handle the tough jobs and can run 24 hours per day.
  3. The Gravity Flexible Conveyors are an excellent choice for handling low quality packages and cartons, odd shaped packages or bags.
  4. The Gravity Flexible Conveyors are well suited for distribution centers and shipping and receiving including, packaging, portable assembly lines.

Atlantis Flex Wheel Gravity Conveyors

Contracts Easily for Storage

Atlantis Flexible Wheel Gravity Conveyor

Atlantis Flex Wheel Gravity Conveyor

Easily Configured

Atlantis Flexible Wheel Gravity Conveyors

Expands Easily

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