Titan Quench ConveyorTitan Model 620 Hinged Steel Belt Quench Conveyors

Model Description:
Titan Hinged Steel Belt Quench Conveyors are designed to quench or cool heavy-duty parts, cool die cast parts and scrap. It’s built with a liquid tight horizontal tank. It can be supplied with wire mesh belt, plastic or steel belt. Choose from a complete line of liquid-tight conveyors for your die cast, heat transfer, parts cooling or coating operation. Titan Hinged Steel Belt Quench Conveyor are designed to be a complete package for liquid quench or rinsing of parts. Tanks can be designed per customer’s specifications and can be supplied with or without pumps and controls.

Quench conveyors are an excellent choice for applications where air cooling is not sufficient or practical.

Titan Hinged Steel Belt Quench Conveyor Features:

  • Can be installed above the floor or in a pit

Quench Conveyor Options:

  • Liquid-tight tanks available in a separate tank unit, integral or part of a conveyor
  • Conveyors available in steel belt
  • Coolant tanks, pumps, drain plugs
  • Call ACG Conveyors toll free at (866)403-5232 for more information or individual model specifications.

Titan Model 620 Quench ConveyorTitan Quench Conveyor Standard Specifications:

  • Belt: 2 1/2″, 4″ or 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt
  • Drive: HP to Suit Application
  • Frame: Formed 10 Gauge
  • Speed: 10 F.P.M.
  • Sprockets: Sized to Suit
  • Tank: As Specified

Download Titan Quench Conveyors, PDF Titan Model 620 Quench Conveyors


Model 620 Quench Conveyor with Controls

Model 620 Special Quench Conveyor with Controls

2 1/2″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Quench Conveyor

2.5 Pitch Quench Conveyor

Model 630 Quench Conveyors with Quench Tank

Model 630 Quench Conveyor

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