Stainless Steel Conveyor by MODU

MODU Stainless Steel Conveyor

Stainless Steel Conveyors by MODU has a complete line of Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems. They basically consist of two models. The MODU DS2 and the MODU DL2. This streamlines the assembly and installation time, and allows for rapid line modifications. A MODU Stainless Steel Conveyor is efficient and operates well at high speeds, without the need of lubrication.

MODU’s business concept is; use standardized modular conveyor components to expedite the design and assembly of a conveyor system. To design the components in a way that enables you to design and create any system you need, without the necessity to have any special/custom components fabricated.

Because all MODU System Stainless Steel Conveyor’s are modular in design, that allows for fast, easy, trouble-free configurations. On-site installation is fast and easy. Owning a MODU Conveyor is affordable, efficient, and simple to operate and maintain. And assembly is quick and easy to configure or reconfigure, using ordinary hand tools.

Why Choose a MODU System from your solution provider?
Stainless Steel Conveyor by MODU

  • Excellent Quality
  • Economic to Own
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Fast Delivery
  • Fast Customer Support
  • Flexible Design and Assembly

Efficiency in Design

With a MODU Stainless Steel Conveyor you can be assured they are suitable for use in a hygienic environment. With MODU’s open design and abolished pockets and advanced drainage you can trust their conveyors in hygienic environments.

MODU DS2 63mm Thermplastic Chain Stainless Steel Conveyor63mm Chain Width
MODU DS2, 63mm
Thermoplastic Chain

MODU DM3 83mm Thermplastic Chain Stainless Steel Conveyor83mm Chain Width
MODU DM3, 83mm
Thermplastic Chain

MODU DL2 140mm Thermplastic Chain140mm Chain Width
MODU DL2, 140mm
Thermplastic Chain

MODU DX2 220mm Thermplastic Chain220mm Chain Width
MODU DX2, 220mm
Thermplastic Chain

MODU Stainless Steel Conveyors Paper Line
Stainless Steel with Kevlar Chain

MODU Automation with Kevlar…

Accommodates diverters, package turners, grippers, lanners, multi-flow and spiral conveyors. MODU has introduced a new chain material technology for use in their table top models called POM-Kevlar. By using Kevlar in their chains aids in overcoming excessive wear and tear on chain and wear strips. And reduces noise, vibration, and dust.

A more important aspect of Kevlar use is, it is:

  • Robust,
  • High resistance to cut,
  • Minimum electrical conductivity,
  • Minimal shrinkage from environmental temperatures,
  • High tensile strength with less weight,
  • Highly resistance to chemicals,
  • Dimensions remain exceptionally stable,
  • Flame and fire resistant.

MODU conveyors will meet your demands for conveyors that are easy to install and reconfigure. They have over 20 years of experience providing high-quality, cost-effective, modular automation solutions that are easily customizable for your most difficult requirements.

If you have any questions about our stainless steel conveyors, Give one of our experts a call… There’s No Obligation & The Call is Free (866)403-5232.

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