Hytrol Vipersort Sortation Conveyor

Vipersort Sortation Conveyor by Hytrol

The Hytrol Vipersort Sortation Conveyor. The ViperSort is a right angle sortation conveyor used to sort small to medium size products. The ViperSort utilized a patented design which enables the sorting of cylindrical products, extremely thin items such as blister packs, vinyl envelopes and other problematic items.Hytrol Vipersort Sortation Conveyor

  • Overall Widths are: 13-1/4″, 15-1/4″, 17-1/4″ & 19-1/4″
  • Bed – 6-3/8″ deep x 12″ ga. formed steel bed powder painted with aluminum guide rail extrusion capped withUHMW wearstrip placed on bed for carr way.
  • Air Requirements – 60 p.s.i.
  • Motor – 230/460V-3Ph. 60HZ. HP based on speed and length requirements
  • Capacity – Maximum unit package weight 25 lbs. For maximum conveyor distributed load, contact factory.
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

Download  Right Angle Hytrol Vipersort Sortation Conveyor

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Hytrol ProSort SC1 & Hytrol ProSort SC2
Horizontal Belt Sortation

The Model Hytrol ProSort SC1 and Hytrol ProSort SC2 Horizontal Belt Sorters are belt driven sortation conveyors. The Hytrol ProSort SC1 and Hytrol ProSort SC2 Belt Concept provides a reliable method of tracking packages to the divert stations. Take-away spurs may be skatewheel type or powered type slaved from the main sorter.Hytrol ProSort SC1 & Hytrol ProSort SC2 - Horizontal Belt Sortation

  • Overall Widths of the Hytrol ProSort SC1 and Hytrol ProSort SC2 are: 18″ single side only – 24″, 30″ & 36″ single or double sided
  • Bed-Roller bed with 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. rollers with ABEC-1 bearings spaced every 6″. Mounted in 6-1/2″ deep x 12 ga. powder painted formed steel channel frame
  • High performance center drive with shaft-mounted gearmotor and variable speed controller, horsepower based on speed and length
  • Belt Speed-Determined by application requirements, 300 FPM maximum
  • Right hand, Left hand or Two-Sided diverts available
  • Adjustable Floor Supports Available

Diverter Specifications

  • Diverter Mechanism-Two banks of twin pivoting 3-1/8″ dia. wheels with urethane treads driven by 3/8″ dia. urethane belts.
  • Positioning Diverter-Diverter used at infeed of two-sided sorters to position packages for proper diverting
  • Drive-Slave driven from main belt conveyor
  • Air Requirements-Working pressure 60 p.s.i.
  • Package Size-Minimum 6″ wide x 9″ long
  • Capacity-Maximum unit package weight-75 lbs.

Download  Hytrol ProSort SC1 & Hytrol ProSort SC2 – Horizontal Belt Sortation

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