Hytrol Slider Bed Belt Conveyors & Roller Bed Conveyors

Hytrol Trash Conveyors, Model TH (Trash Handling Conveyors)

Hytrol TH - Trash ConveyorsThe Hytrol Model TH Trash Conveyors (aka, Trash Handling Slider Bed Belt Conveyor,) is especially designed to handle empty cardboard boxes and paper type trash which is encountered during the unpacking of arrival of goods in warehouse and distribution centers.  The Hytrol Model TH Trash Conveyors are designed to allow for long conveyor runs including high side guard rails to help keep trash from falling from the conveyor. The Hytrol Model TH Trash Handling Slider Bed Belt Conveyor is also complete with an underside bed cover to keep unwanted trash from falling from the underside of the conveyor.

  • Bed – 14 ga. formed steel slider bed bolted between two 7-1/2″ deep x 12 ga. formed steel side channels with 6″ high guards.
  • Belt Widths: 11-1/2″, 17-1/2″, 23-1/2″, 29-1/2″, 35-1/2″, 41-1/2″, 47-1/2″ & 53-1/2″
  • Overall Bed Widths: 16″, 22″, 28″, 34″, 40″, 46″, 52″ & 58″
  • Guard Rail: 6″ high both sides over entire length ( up to 24″ high optional)
  • Conveying Speed: 65 feet/minute (constant)
  • Adjustable Floor supports and/or ceiling hung supports available
  • Center Drive (standard)
  • Motor – 1 HP standard. 2 HP max.
  • The Model TH, Trash Conveyors Capacity – Maximum load per linear ft. of conveyor 10 lbs., not to exceed rated capacities

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