Daifuku-Webb-ConveyorsUnibilt® Power and Free Conveyors

Power and Free Conveyors can stop individual loads without stopping the entire line.

Unibilt® Power and Free Conveyors are ideally suited to demanding industrial environments which require a high degree of versatility. Power and Free Conveyors systems provide the unique ability to stop individual loads without stopping the entire production line.Unibilt® Power and Free Conveyors

Daifuku Webb’s Power and Free Conveyors offer a wide range of features:

All features are designed to maximize your production capacity including:

  • Variable chain speeds
  • High-speed indexing
  • On-line storage
  • Adaptability to changes in elevation

Daifuku Webb’s exclusive Wide Wing™ Trolleys and lug channel track provide smoother conveyor to conveyor transfers, increased load stability, and a stronger track section than other manufacturers. Power and Free Conveyors load capacities range up to 20,000 pounds (10,000 kg).

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Among Daifuku Webb’s extensive line of products there are also:

1. Unibilt® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors,
2. Power and Free Inverted Conveyors
3. Unibilt Hand-Pushed Conveyor Trolley
4. Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors and the
5. Unibeam® I-Beam Conveyors

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