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Daifuku Webb Conveyors, Unibilt® product line (Jervis B. Webb Company).

Daifuku Webb is one of the largest material handling manufacturers in the world. Their Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor System products operate efficiently and reliably, delivering years of unequaled performance. Designed and built upon principles of increasing productivity, Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors (Enclosed Track Conveyors) incorporate reliability, economy, flexibility and simple installation.

Among Daifuku Webb’s extensive line of products there are also:

1. Unibilt® Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyors,
2. Power & Free Inverted Conveyors
3. Unibilt Hand-Pushed Conveyor Trolley
4. Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor Systems, and the
5. Unibeam® I-Beam Conveyors

Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors

Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors (Gravity Flow Over-N-Unders)

Gravity Flow Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor Systems rely on product weight and pitching of the Over-N-Under for parts forwarding. The high end of the conveyor is the load end and the low end is the un-load end. Unloading parts creates an unbalanced load across the chain, which causes the remaining parts to flow forward. As the load travels down the lower rail, the empty hooks automatically return over the top rail.

Gravity Flow Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor Systems are an inexpensive solution to storage and accumulation problems.

Tandem Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors

Tandem Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors are powered by modified Unibilt drives which keep the chain in synchronized adjacent loops. Tandem Over-N-Under conveyors are used when increased stability is needed due to wide production load and in applications where load capacities are substantially greater.

Tandem Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors offer the production flexibility to move wider and heavier loads efficiently.

Powered Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors

Powered Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor Systems utilize a Unibilt drive to move parts from load to unload and are not restricted to straight loop designs. Horizontal turns and vertical curves can be incorporated to bypass aisles and other obstacles.

Powered Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors’ design flexibility is a cost-effective way to move parts over aisles and obstacles.

Power & Free Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors

Power & Free Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyor Systems provide a cost effective solution to storage and accumulation problems. The closed loop configuration assures adequate empty carrier storage on the upper section of the loop, while maintaing a “keep full” carrier situation on the lower section. The Power and Free concept utilizes two tracks: one that houses the power chain and one that houses the free trolleys. Free trolleys are moved through the system by a patented pusher dog attached to a single power chain.

Power & Free Over-N-Under Overhead Conveyors offer system flexibility, for independent loading and unloading without interrupting production flow.

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